The Oberstufe (Grades 10-12)

The Oberstufe at Paulinum consists of the introductory year (Einführungsphase/EF) in grade 10 and the 2-year qualification phase (Q1-Q2) in grades 11-12.

There is a wide range of subjects and courses offered in these grades, making a variety of different tracks of study possible. At the moment, higher-level courses (Leistungskurse) are available in German, English, French, Spanish, History, Social Studies, Geography, Mathematics, Physics and Biology. In cooperation with a neighbor school, Marienschule, more subjects, such as Art, can be chosen as higher-level courses. The subjects in higherlevel courses are also available for standard-level courses (Grundkurse). Additional standard-level courses are currently available in Latin, Art, Music, Literature, Philosophy, Catholic and Protestant Religious Studies, Chemistry and Physical Education. Alongside the traditionalarts-related subjects, we also offer instrumental and vocal practical standard-level courses, which can be chosen by members of the orchestra and choir as Abitur-relevant courses.

Students are mentored and advised by a number of tutors, each of whom oversees a small group of about twenty students for the duration of the Oberstufe. These tutors work in collaboration with the main counselors responsible for all students in a particular grade, as well as with the Oberstufe coordinator, Mr. Schipper.

The career- and academic orientation in the Oberstufe is based on a specific mentoring concept, the "Praxis-TIPP". Students in grade 10 take part in a number of afternoon information sessions concerning the structure of university studies, how to finance their academic studies, different professional fields, and various academic paths. Tenth graders also participate in several assessments and tests, all of which help to ensure that they have the opportunity to do a 2-week internship at a corporation of their choosing.