The Mittelstufe (Grades 7-9)

The Mittelstufe (Grades 7-9) encompasses the age range in which it is particularly important to kindle students’ motivation to learn. In these “difficult” years, the excitement of a new beginning in the 5th grade has subsided. Likewise, the concentrated work leading up towards final exams and graduation has not yet begun. Added to this, intense emotions can occasionally create challenging situations. Paulinum sees it as a particularly important educational task to ensure that these students, too, experience an ongoing readiness to learn and joy in attending school.

Engaged teachers, who work in teams as classroom leaders, are aware of each student’s individual development and do not hesitate to take action when a student is in need.

Academic and support recommendations from subject teachers as well as tutoring offered by older students (“Students Helping Students”) promote academic achievement in the Mittelstufe, especially in critical phases.

In grade 8, students must choose one of the following new subjects: French, Spanish, Politics/Economics, and Science. Based on information and advice from the school, students and their parents decide which of the above-named subjects to take.

A ski trip in Luttach/Ahrntal (in South Tyrol) provides students with the chance to socialize and develop a sense of community.

We see school as a community space! Therefore, social and cultural engagement (“Soku”) is also mandatory for all Paulinum students. This engagement can be achieved in various ways, such as by participating in the student body, mentoring another student, being a member of a school sports team or choir, helping out in the cafeteria (Paula), or caring for the schoolgarden. The social and cultural engagement must be fulfilled by the end of the Mittelstufe.

In grade 9, all students gain an insight into the professional world by taking part in a 14-day internship, which they apply for on their own. When necessary, the school helps students to establish relevant contacts.