The Erprobungsstufe or Trial Phase (Grades 5-6)

At Gymnasium Paulinum each class has two class teachers, usually a man and a woman, who teach several subjects in the class. This enables class teachers to spend many lessons per week with their students and to better mentor them.

Students from 30 primary schools come together in grade 5 at Paulinum, making it necessary in the first few weeks to bring together different entry levels in daily teaching. In special cases, additional support and tutoring can be helpful to bring students up to speed. In the first few weeks and months, the children practice the systematic art of learning in their various subjects in order to build acommon foundation upon which to develop their education. Teachers regularly draw on students’ experiences from primary school throughout this process.

In addition, developing a sense of class community is a particularly important task. Educating students in what it means to be helpful, responsible and tolerant and developing social skills and an ability to work in a team are important goals. Students in grade 9 help to achieve these goals by serving as mentors and role models for the younger ones.

An overnight class trip at the beginning of grade 5, class field trips and joint visits to cultural eventsfoster the formation of a community identity. Likewise, celebrations with parents and teachers contribute to a sense of team spirit within the class, which will remain together at Paulinum until theend of grade 9.