PAOLO - Paulinum International Parents Organisation

Welcome to Paulinum!

PAOLO is a group of parents for parents. Our aim is to support each other and offer opportunities to settle in Münster and at the school as fast as possible. We would like to welcome all families who have just arrived in Germany as well as parents with any international background, people who lived abroad for some time or 'only' moved from another city in this area. If you are looking for answers to your questions, if you seek first contacts at the school or if you are interested in getting to know other international parents, then you can always come to our meetings or contact us via mail or facebook. With your experience and language knowledge you will be able to help future families as well.

PAOLO would like to offer international families at Paulinum a friendly start in the following ways:

• arranging regular evening get-togethers (roundtables), as well as cosy morning coffee meetings

• arranging information evenings often with Paulinum teachers as guest speakers

• pairing up a new family with a sponsor family

• celebrating together

• and answering your questions


Please get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you or meeting you at our regular get-togethers!


Consultation hours on Thursdays from 2.50 to 3.35 pm by appointment

School office: 0251/510500 

E-mail: paolo(at)



PAOLO Dates: 2018/19 

Please find below our schedule for the first and second term of the school year 2018/19 (subject to change). For all the latest news sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook!

1st term

  • 05.09.2018 PAOLO welcome get-together at Café Klemens, Klemensstraße 10, 7.30pm. Get in touch with Paolo and other people from around the world. Everyone is very welcome. 
  • 18.09.2018 museum visit, we meet at Brasserie, Salzstraße 35, 2.30pm for a cup of coffee and then stroll down the Promenade to the Museum für Lackkunst at 3.30 pm. Entry is free.
  • 10.10.2018 Coffee Morning at Marktcafé (Domplatz 6-7), 10 a.m. – just come along and enjoy a cup of coffee while chatting and meeting other international parents. Please join us, even if you have lived in Germany and/or have been a parent at Paulinum for a while. We look forward to meeting you!
  • 06.12.2018 PAOLO get-together, this time at Bar Celona, Stubengasse 17. 7.30 pm.
  • 13.12.2018 museum visit, we meet at Brasserie Salzstraße 35, 9 am and will then visit the exhibition  Von Westfalen in die Südsee at Stadtmuseum at 10 am. Entry is free.
  • 10.01.2019 Coffee Morning at Café Herr Sonnenschein, Königsstraße 43, 10 a.m. – as always just come along and enjoy a cup of coffee while chatting and meeting other international parents. Please join us, even if you have lived in Germany and/or have been a parent at Paulinum for a while.
  • 16.01.2019 museum visit, we meet at Röstbar Rothenburg 17 at 9 am and will visit the exhibition Bauhaus und Amerika at LWL Museum, 10 am. Entry: 12 Euro.

2nd term

  • 14.02.2019 get-together at Brasserie (!), Salzstraße 35, 7.30 pm
  • 12.03.2019 Coffee Morning at Café Herr Sonnenschein, Königsstraße 43, 10 am. Everyone is welcome to join us for a cup of coffee and a nice chat while the children are at school. 
  • 21.03.2019 PAOLO friendship party as part of the Münster weeks against racism. Children welcome! elbén restaurant, Schanhorststraße 25, 6 - 9 pm. More information in our newsletter, on facebook and via mail. 
  • 09.04.2019 PAOLO round table „Grades and report cards“ with guests. Mrs Schmitz and Mr Westphal will join us and answer our questions regarding this interesting topic. Please send us a short email to sign up for this event. 
  • 08.05.2019 get-together at Lieschen Müller, Mauritzstraße 24, 7.30 pm. Get in touch with people from around the world. Everyone is very welcome.
  • 05.06.2019 Coffee Morning at Café Fam, Frauenstraße 14, 10 am. We look forward to seeing you. 

Paolo News:

We wish everyone a great summer

Please read the review of our round table on Learning German here

Learn more about the project Schüler helfen Schüler at our school. 


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Get involved

Become a sponsor family!


PAOLO would like to welcome all international families who are new at Paulinum. We would like to ease the transition time for families who have just arrived in Germany and to support all those who need help with their first steps in Münster. For our new international parents it is quite important to receive and understand all relevant information about our school. This is particularly difficult if the language barrier is still a problem. PAOLO would like to make sure these parents get all the information they need, also to support them whenever it is necessary and to be at their side during their first weeks in a new country. PAOLO is always looking for sponsor families who help us to achieve this vision.

Sponsor families

PAOLO is looking for sponsor families,

  • who ideally have children in the same class as the new family
  • who might be able to speak the language and know something about the cultural background
  • who are open to meet people from around the world or have an international background themselves

The Tasks

The following list shows how you as a sponsor family could support an international family:

  • Explaining the German school system and school life to the parents
  • Asking whether they understand messages from school
  • Inviting them to join any event the class is organising
  • Supporting them on parents evenings
  • Introducing them to other parents of your class
  • Encouraging their own children to invite the new child or include them into class activities
  • Accompany new parents to PAOLO get-togethers where they can meet people in similar situations
  • Enjoying the possibilities of intercultural exchanges and friendships

Please note that it is entirely up to you how much you want to do. You are not responsible to solve any personal problem of the family. It is always possible to go different ways in case you decide to.


In case you would like to support an international family or if you would like to support Paolo in any other way, please contact us:

We look forward to hearing from you and would be delighted to see you at one of our meetings.


Learning German in Münster

PAOLO collected some information on various possibilities to learn German in Münster that helped many other international parents before.

Please note that our documents are most likely not complete or might contain a few errors. Nevertheless, we hope they will help to settle in at Paulinum and in Germany.

At the moment, we are able to provide the document in English and German language. Please contact us should you be interested in receiving this document or in case you need further advice in this matter.



Useful Links

Please find below some useful links of the city of Münster including leisure, education authority and language courses. Usually the web pages are in German language only. Only a few provide English translations. 

Stadt Münster:

Alle Informationen rund um Münster (deutsch)

Information of the city council Stadt Münster (including living, education, leisure and much more) (english)

Koordinierungsstelle für Migration und Interkulturelle Angelegenheiten der Stadt Münster:

Informationen der Stadt Münster rund um das Thema Integration und interkulturelle Angelegenheiten (deutsch)

Kontakt Integrationsrat der Stadt Münster (deutsch)

Flüchtlingshilfe Münster:

Internationale Vereine, Gesellschaften, Initiativen / international organisations:

Übersicht über alle internationalen Vereine und Initiativen mit internationalem Hintergrund in Münster (deutsch)

Schulamt / Education authority:

Alle Informationen rund um das Schulwesen in Münster (deutsch)


Information des Kinderbüros der Stadt Münster (mit Ferien- und Freizeitangeboten für Kinder der Stadt Münster) (deutsch)


Außerschulischer Musikunterricht, Instrumente lernen, Gesang etc. der Stadt Münster (deutsch)

Weiterbildung, Kurse, Freizeit / Further education, courses and recreational offerings:

Übersicht über alle Weiterbildungsinstitute in Münster (VHS-Kurse und Angebote der Familienbildungsstätten, inklusive Weiterbildungs- und Freizeitangebote für Erwachsene, Familien und Kinder) (deutsch)

Institutes of further education in Münster (including VHS courses, family education centres with a wide range of cultural and recreational offerings (english)

VHS (Volkshochschule Münster):

Weiterbildungskurse, Freizeitkurse, Ferienkurse, Sprachkurse (deutsch)

VHS, Club D (Sprachkurse Deutsch für Kinder)


Bücher, Spiele, Lernmittel, Fachliteratur, fremdsprachliche Romane, Internetzugang etc. (deutsch)


Übersicht über Sportvereine und -angebote in Münster (deutsch)


Tipps der Stadt Münster für Freizeit und Ferien (deutsch)


Please find below some testimonials of families who spent some time at Paulinum in English.

From Australia

I have had a great year in Muenster yet again and having kids at Gymnasium has been a new experience. Thanks for all the support and friendship. I have really enjoyed being part of the group. I am looking forward to one last catch up on Thursday night. Cheers Tash

Chinese Family

Dear Andrea, I found out about the PAOLO about a year ago on the Paulinum’s open day. I was immediately very interested and asked my friend Elke about it. She was involved in the programme herself. After I had enrolled my daughter to the Paulinum school, my friend Elke became our family’s PAOLO-Patin. Both the PAOLO and Elke helped and supported us with every school event, like parents’ meetings. What pleased me the most was the opportunity to also work together with other families and to get in touch with them. I fondly remember one event where I and the other parents offered to write down the students’ names in our native languages. It’s a great programme that not only helps out families from other countries but also offers you the chance to give back to the PAOLO community. Best regards! Jun

Back to Brazil

Dear Ruth, time flies and we are leaving back to Brazil on Monday. I would like to thank very much for the warm welcome from Paolo Group. It is a wonderful initiative! Your help were very important to us. Karen had a great time in Paulinum, the experience she gained was wonderful.

Thanks again!



From Uruguay 

After three years abroad, we moved back to Münster. The first time I heard about PAOLO was, when we registered our daughter in Paulinum. Originally, I come from Uruguay, but since I had been living in Münster for many years, I know this place quite well. I thought PAOLO was an institution for foreign families, but surely not for me. The fact is, that PAOLO is a group of parents that was found some years ago to support foreign families to better integrate in their new home country. We are meeting once a month to help foreigners to orientate themselves.

When I first joined this group, I met very interesting people from all over the world. Not all of them were speaking German, but everyone was feeling very welcome. It was a funny mixture of different cultures and languages. I was asked to take care of a family that is supposed to move to Münster in summer. I was very proud and happy to be able to support someone the same way that I was supported many years ago.

It is not easy to organize things in a foreign country. Not only for school matters, international families need support, the daily life appears to be quite difficult: How will I find a doctor? How can I apply for a landline? What is written on the letter, that my daughter brought home from school? Where can I book German lessons for adults? What is Santa Claus campaign about?

Our meetings are a nice mixture of cultures. We are learning a lot about countries all over the world, we introduce our own country and we help and support each other with whatever is possible. Sometimes it is just funny to tell and laugh about curious things that can happen to you in a foreign country.

Parents who are well integrated in the community are able to support their children better with difficulties appearing through the change of moving away from home and the new situation in a foreign country. We welcome all international parents, but also German families, who want to support an international family, to join PAOLO.  

(Paula Stiff)


Polish Family 

Dear …,

We are of the opinion that Paolo organization is very good for foreign families. It is very helpful in special on the beginning when you are new in Münster. 

During the meeting within Paolo organization you have opportunity to learn new rules for German education which are usually different than in other countries.

At the beginning we have got from Paolo welcome letter which inform us about possibilities for learning German language for us and our child in the city. It helps a lot because we know where to find language support. Additionally we have a feeling that there was somebody which we can ask for information. 

Paolo have organize also one person from class of our child which was always ready to help us and our child in school life. She was also able to explain rules and expectations of school teachers.

During monthly meetings we have opportunity to meet with key teachers from Gymnasium and also to exchange opinions and information within other parents regarding the school experiences and life experiences in new city.

For our child it was very good that he has possibility to have additional lessons in school as special lessons for foreign students in Paulinum and the Club “D” afternoon lessons. 

In his opinion it would be good if foreign child could meet more often together and spend more time not only for improving German language but also socializing themselves. It would be good if the same Paolo meeting for parents would be organized also for children in order to built foreign community inside school. One meeting around Christmas was not enough to meet all foreign children from Paulinum.

The most important for us was the feeling that every time when we will place the question somebody from Paolo would came with the answer. We always felt support.

We do hope that you will continue with Paolo idea. We still reminding our meetings and nice moments. Keep going!!!.

All the best, 
Family K.

Czech family 


Thank you for your email. Even if we are here since August 2014 our feelings are only positive. We found new friends and enriched ourselves by new experience with living abroad. Our worries concerning P. 's education were dispersed and we are really proud of him and his ability to adapt to the new environment. Frankly speaking, we are aware of tremendous support of Gymnasium Paulinum staff and PAOLO team members. Without your help it would be practically impossible to integrate children to German educational system so quickly and to reach almost immediately the success. P. has great opportunity to develop foreign languages in the field and to continue with his hobbies as well. He has amazing teacher to carry on playing the classical guitar and new team for playing football. There are many possibilities for all of us to spend our free time in Munster neighborhood and we enjoy it. That is pity we can stay in such wonderful part of Germany only three years, due to my working assignment. Nevertheless, we are going to spend this time actively and meaningfully.

Greetings to all from

...and Smoky (our dog)     ;)