International Exchanges

Paulinum maintains contacts with numerous partner schools abroad. For example, entire grades or particular courses visit partner schools for about a week and, in return, groups of students from the partner schools visit them in Münster. Exchange students live with the families of students from the partner school they are visiting. Alternatively, some small groups of students in the Oberstufe (grades 10-12) spend up to three months at a partner school and later serve as hosts to students from their exchange abroad.

Knox Grammar School, Sydney:
Pymble Ladies’ College, Sydney:

Hørsholm Skole, Hørsholm:

Nottingham High School, Nottingham:

Lycée Charlemagne, Paris:
Collège Debussy, Angers:

Spain Colegio Buen Pastor, Sevilla:

Avasi Gimnázium, Miskolc:

Alabama School of Math and Science, Mobile, Alabama:
Maury High School, Norfolk, Virginia

Studying abroad (internally-organized school exchanges)

In addition to commercial or nonprofit organizations offering stays abroad for young people, Paulinum offers a limited number of students the chance to study abroad at particular schools. Given how popular these exchanges are, a selection amongst the applicants is often unavoidable. The school strives to make its decisions as transparent as possible. More information regarding the criteria for applying to these internally-organized school exchanges can be found on the private section of Paulinum’s website (Interna).

International exchange programs from other institutions

Programs offered by other public institutions that support or provide international exchanges for NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia) have been compiled into an overwiew by the district government in Düsseldorf.

General requirements for a stay abroad

The ministry of education has summarized information pertaining to the legal framework of a stay abroad in a pamphlet.