Our Trip to a Wintry Bath

After preparing ourselves for the participation in the Model United Nations Conference, Frau Reineke and Frau Schmitz accompanied our two courses, the Projektkurs and the IB-Kurs, to Bath. Along with several students from the Schiller Gymnasium, we left Münster on the evening of 28 February. We spent a – mostly – quiet night before taking a break when we reached the cliffs near Dover, finally arriving in a snow-covered Bath. We then took a short tour of the city, our teachers acting as guides. After that we either went to cafés, strolled about the city or unpacked our bags at our lodgings at the YMCA.

The next day started with a surprise: the entire MUN programme was cancelled because of the snow! Nevertheless, we used the day to visit Bristol, and we organised a multicultural lunch at the YMCA. We all brought special food from the countries we were representing and then presented the material we had prepared for the MUN conference.

On Saturday we went to the medieval Wells Cathedral and used the time afterwards to enjoy a typical British breakfast in one of the many cozy cafés.

In the afternoon we discussed different controversial issues in international politics, for example, gun control laws in the US.

We ended our stay in Bath with a delicious meal at a Jamie Oliver restaurant.

On Sunday we returned to Münster with many new and unexpected experiences. (Susanna)